Saturday, December 4, 2010

April 2011 Monist: The Architecture of Reality

I'm very happy to announce the contents of the issue of The Monist I'm editing on the theme "The Architecture of Reality":
  1. Anjan Chakravartty, “Scientific Realism and Ontological Relativity”
  2. Bence Nanay, “What if the World has No Architecture?”
  3. Devin Henry, “Aristotle’s Pluralistic Realism”
  4. John Roberts, “Extra-Physical Structure in a Physical World?”
  5. Matthew Haug, “Natural Properties and the Special Sciences”
  6. Carrie Jenkins, “Is Metaphysical Grounding Irreflexive?”
  7. Daniel Nolan, “Categories and Ontological Dependence”
The papers are great but I'm very glad to be done bugging people for final copies, copy-editing, checking references, and so on. Brief aside: some of the final editing — giving things a penultimate proofread, making sure the references checked out, getting them into final format, replacing hyphens with en- and em-dashes as needed, and so on — was done in a skeezy little launderette in Exeter while I refreshed my suitcase from my UK tour (at an incredible £4 a load!). This made me wonder about other strange places in which editorial work or writing has been conducted. At first blush, one might think that this is a post-laptop phenomenon — it's not like Quine typed "Two Dogmas" on the train to Cheboygan one morning. (Still, I suppose he might have written it in weird circumstances.)

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