Sunday, April 4, 2010

Submission Information for Upcoming Issue of the Monist (Architecture of Reality)

Submissions for issue 94:2 (April 2011) of The Monist for which I am advisory editor are trickling in. I've received a few protocol questions which I'm happy to answer.

Length requirements: the submission guidelines for The Monist suggest a range of 4,000–8,000 words. Sticking to this will allow more pieces to make the issue and will correspondingly increase a paper's chances of inclusion in the issue.

Submission: The official guidelines ask for an electronic submission as well as a clear paper copy. I prefer the submission to be in PDF format (please blind it for anonymous refereeing, including removing the metadata if possible), but can accept submissions in Word (.doc or .docx) or RTF. I don't need a paper copy if you submit in PDF or if your essay does not contain anything other than regular text (e.g., diagrams, formulas involving special fonts, &c.). Paper copies may be mailed to:

Matthew Slater
Monist Issue
Department of Philosophy
Bucknell University
69 Coleman Hall, Dent Dr.
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Electronic submissions should be emailed to me at Please write back if you don't receive a confirmation receipt within two days (naturally, I'll be travelling on the deadline, and so slower to respond then).

Abstract: It would be helpful to include a short (100-200 word) abstract of your submission (either in the paper or in the email) with which I might tantalize potential referees.

Thanks and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions/clarifications. Really looking forward to reading these submissions!