Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowmageddon vs. Global Warming

I think I may have finally turned the corner from getting really mad at people who made elementary mistakes in scientific reasoning (and the people who credulously believe them) to finding them hilarious and taking joy from them. Well, I'm still mad that such people have such loud bullhorns, but that's another issue. . . .

So it inevitably happens that when record snowfall hits DC last week that blowhards come out of the woodwork to bash "global warming": "Hey, it's COLD here! What's all this talk of WARMING!?" The reason this kind of idiocy now makes me happy is that it invites such rich satire. Check out this clip from the Daily Show: the real fun starts at about 3:40 in.

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Sam B.: "A dingo took my baby! That means dingos will take every baby! Al Gore, what have you done?!?"

By the way, kudos to Sean Hanity [sic?] for trying to turn climate change into a political question by attributing the theory to Al Gore. This is, I must say, a stroke of rhetorical genius and why I continue to maintain that "An Inconvenient Truth" actually set us back considerably in the race to mitigate climate change. . . . "Al Gore, what have you done?!?"