Thursday, March 19, 2009

12th Best Job in the World?!

Someone recently brought this to my attention: a WSJ article ranking various jobs. Philosopher ranks #12 between physicist and economist and two ahead of parole officer. Awesome! I knew it was a good gig, but I guess I didn't know how good. I wonder where my other career aspirations of lion tamer and topiary gardener fell. . . .

I particularly enjoyed this exchange in the online comments section [SICed]:
They have philosopher ranked in the top 20 ? how does one get employement as a philosopher?
Great question! I possess some really deep thoughts too, I'd make a great philosopher! I think I'll start an independent philosophy company. If it doesn't work out, I'm sure the government will bail me out.

Selling our house

Oh boy . . . the prospect of moving is pretty daunting. The thought of a bunch of random people traipsing through our house doesn't appeal much. So we're going to give a shot to selling by word of mouth. Here goes nothing: if you're interested in buying our house or know someone who might be, let us know. We think it's a bargain at $199,000. . . .

Here's a wee photo tour. Other photo galleries (from parties, renovations, &c.) are here.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moving to Pennsylvania

I was offered a job at Bucknell University in central Pennsylvania and have decided to take it. It's hard to leave Idaho — we've made so many lifelong friends here, and the Uniontown Sausage Feed has become a tradition — but Laura and I are ready for a new challenge.

Blog Transition

Well, the program I was using to maintain my blog finally decided to bite the dust for some strange reason. I think it might have had something to do with my file synchronization system, Dropbox (and if I have to choose, I'd choose dropbox in a heartbeat — it's awesome).

So I've migrated my old blog onto blogger, where I've had some decent success with courseblogs. We'll see how it goes here.