Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Government is NOT spying on you. . . .

A local (well, Spokane) engineer, posted a disturbing video recently:

Apparently (as my favorite tech blog, Gizmodo, reports), this sent a bunch of conspiracy theorists into a frenzy. His revelation that it was a hoax and he just glue-gunned some old cell phone parts into the box hasn't calmed them down much. Perhaps it's just a smoke-screen to distract from the fact that they really ARE watching you watch TV.

I just love the image of some sinister, Dr. Strangelove-esque bunker with thousands of video feeds of staring, silent couch potatoes bathed in blueish TV-light. Hilarious!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lesson: Check Your Spam Folder!

So in about two weeks I somehow manage to get about a thousand pieces of SPAM in my two email accounts. After summarily deleting all of the spam in one (I occasionally glance at it just to make sure nothing good is getting lost), I thought "Hey, perhaps I should check the other."

Good thing, as I just found a ten-day old journal acceptance for my short paper (more like a story with a philosophical moral) "A Reflection on Our Freedom" for Philosophia. (Whew!) I suppose I would have found out sooner or later. . . . But add spam to the sources of publication-related headaches!