Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello Pittsburgh!!!

(Imagine me shouting that like Spinal Tap's "Hello Cleveland!!!!")

I'm delighted to be on the program at the upcoming PSA2008 (Philosophy of Science Association) coming up in November. I'll present "Macromolecular Pluralism". Never been to one. From a quick glance at the schedule, it should be fantastic; I'll get to catch up with friends I don't see often and chat with people I've been hoping to chat with.

Plus, Chris Haufe (Virginia Tech) and I organized a can't-miss Symposium on whether evolutionary theory is a theory of forces with Elliott Sober, Robert Brandon, and Denis Walsh (chaired by John Beatty). At first, for some reason, I read the schedule wrong and thought that I was presenting at the same time as that symposium. I might have let out a Colbert-esque bellow of "NOOOOOooooo!", but then read a bit more carefully. . . .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Slater Reports

I'm not entirely sure why I have a blog. Nor am I sure why you're reading it. But here we both are.

Actually, it's fairly simple. A handful of people are interested in what's happening in my (publically-shareable) personal life: e.g., how's our dog doing, what neato trips have we taken recently, what havoc have we gotten into in home improvement, &c. Another small handful of people are (or profess to be) interested in what I'm thinking about and working on research-wise. I'm hoping that an added bonus to writing occasionally here would be that it gets some of the ideas flowing, elicits useful comments and direction, and so on. We shall see. So if you fall into one of those categories: hey, how ya doin'. If you don't, hello, welcome; nothing like idle curiosity, eh? Mmm hmm. . . .